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Why Dykelab?

It is our belief that groundbreaking ideas can surface anywhere. That is why we offer initiators the space to develop, test, and nurture their concepts.

For a future of progressive networking, we develop innovative technologies and business models for the East Frisia region and its specific conditions.


Novel products and service solutions are typically triggered by pioneering proposals or the need to solve an existing problem.

Whether presented to us by our network partners or originating from DykeLab – it’s ideas that provide the spark for working on new solutions.


In collaboration with our network partners (initiators, prospective founders, implementation partners, investors) we initiate new businesses und enable the evolution of solutions that are both viable and sustainable.

Working hand in hand during the entire implementation process, we start by optimising the concept and finish by testing its feasibility on the target market.


The concept’s developmental process is only concluded once its practicability and economic viability have been proven.

We test the solution developed with our partners and founders under real conditions within the target market, so that an independent company can be spun off it.

„We started DykeLab to build new sustainable businesses with and for this region.“

“As an established Investor we are utilising DykeLab to increase our support for founders.”

“Founding is great fun – not only in Berlin, Hamburg or Silicon Valley! I like founding where other people spend their holidays!”

for Whom


DykeLab is the venture of five established companies that are committed to making it easier for prospective founders to emerge as independent companies. Many years of experience and in-depth know-how enable them to help new start-ups implement their first major project or to support existing companies in developing a trend-setting concept. At the same time, any aspiring or existing founder can become part of the DykeLab network by participating in new projects as an implementation partner or investor.


Especially in the PoC phase, DykeLab relies on the support and cooperation of its implementation partners. Whoever can help us most efficiently and purposefully in the individual project becomes part of the respective concept team. At the same time, we enable our implementation partner, be they a software developer or an electrical engineering manufacturer, to forge new contacts within our community, thus expanding their field of action.


You wish to invest in a specific concept or need support with an existing project in which you have invested, whether inside or outside your own company? DykeLab assists investors in the implementation of their own business projects or lets them participate in projects of the DykeLab group.


Strong companies are DykeLab’s foundation.


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